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10% of profits go to organizations fighting Trump’s policies.

Basket of Deplorables

A Message from the Game Maker

If you’re anything like half the people in this country, you are very unhappy, bordering on distraught, about the outcome of the 2016 election. Basket of Deplorables is here to hold your hand through the initial stages of grieving. It’s either laugh or cry, people.

A message to Trump supporters who are already starting to troll me: Grow a sense of humor, please. Relax. You have all three branches of government. We have a board game. This game is not meant to be an insult to the ordinary people who voted for Trump. Though there were plenty of Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other loathsome haters who flocked to the Trump campaign, inspiring the original use of the term “Basket of Deplorables,” there are also plenty of good people who somehow found themselves convinced that it was a good idea to vote us into this predicament. I’ve repurposed the term Basket of Deplorables to aim, not at the average Trump voter, but at those who had every reason to know better, but did it anyway, for the worst of reasons, and who now populate the Trump Administration.

Even those whom I’ve labeled Deplorables are not all bad. Doing my research for this game, I discovered good things that could be said about each one of them. The Deplorables are cathartic caricatures of one facet of complex individuals. Most of them were born into blinding levels of wealth and privilege. They’ve occupied a different strata of society and been influenced by their surroundings, just like we’ve all been influenced by our own. Forgive them Bernie, they know not what they do. I truly hope that Trump and all the rest of them rise to this historic moment, open their hearts, and do some good for the people of this country, but it doesn’t look that way so far…

While this game is meant to be fun and funny, I have some very serious concerns about some of the worst elements of society that have become emboldened by the Trump phenomenon and have taken his ascendancy as an opportunity to spread hatred, violence, fear, intimidation, vandalism, and oppression of vulnerable populations. A minimum of 10% of the profits from this game will go towards organizations that serve and protect these vulnerable communities and I will publicize who the recipients of that funding will be.

Okay, now enough with the words. I’ve got the best words. But, fuck the words. Play the game. It starts with your next smile. :-)